In a world full of unattainable beauty expectations and standards, we value every dimple, every scar, every stretch mark, and every imperfect detail that makes you absolutely perfect! My boudoir photo shoots are all about capturing images from the most beautiful angles – highlighting your curves and natural body, allowing us to truly showcase your sexiest moments. This experience is a forever reminder of just how incredible your body truly is. As a woman myself, I see the struggles you face every day and am here to create a memory you can cherish for a lifetime.






Welcome! I see you're ready to unleash your inner unleashed babe and take your boudoir game to the next level. You're in the right place! Let me show you how it's done.

Down below, you'll find all the juicy details about our Boudie Experiences - everything from how it works to what to expect when you work with me.

Got some burning questions? No worries - I've got you covered. Just hit me up and I'll be happy to chat.

So if you're ready to step up your boudoir game and show the world what you're made of, let's make it happen. Can't wait to meet you, gorgeous!




When was the last time you treated yourself to a little self-love? Let your inner goddess shine? If it's been too long, I'm here to help. As your boudoir photographer, my job is to help you relax and enjoy some serious "me time."

Imagine this: you kick back while I work my magic. We'll create stunning images that capture your true beauty, making you feel like the queen you are. It's a chance to let go of stress and worries.

Ready to give yourself the gift of self-love? Let's do it!

My clients are the real MVPs - they're the everyday women who are out there crushing it, whether it's in their careers, their families, or just in life in general. And let me tell you, they don't need any modeling experience to rock their boudoir session like a pro.

They come in all shapes, sizes, and walks of life. Maybe they're married, single, divorced, or just doing their own thing. Maybe they've got a bunch of kids, or maybe they're living their life child-free and happy as hell!

But here's what they all have in common: they're survivors. They've battled cancer, domestic violence, tough upbringings, and addiction - and they've come out the other side even stronger. They're stay-at-home moms, business badies, teachers, nurses, police officers, customer service reps - you name it, its them.

My clients are the women who give so much of themselves to others, that they often forget to take care of themselves (we've all been there, am I right?). But let me tell you something: YOU are worth it. You deserve to feel sexy, powerful, and confident, and if anyone deserves a little pampering and self-love, it's YOU.

So if you're ready to put yourself first for once and embrace your inner goddess, let's make it happen. Book your boudoir session with me, and let's show the world what a fierce, fabulous woman looks like.



Welcome to Risque Rose Photography - where I believe that confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear, and I'm here to help you slip into something a little more comfortable - your own skin.

I get it. Being vulnerable in front of a stranger can be terrifying. But my goal is to make you feel comfortable, seductive, and sexy as hell during your boudoir session. I do that by offering a completely personalized experience from start to finish.

My Boudie Studio is the perfect setting for your intimate shoot, located in Trinity, FL. My in home studio is constantly changing so no one has the same shoot as the next person. You'll have access to an array of badass lingerie - from my client closet - Hair and Makeup - from my amazing makeup artists - and a fully customized session. I want you to leave feeling pampered, confident, and ready to take on the world.

So go ahead, unleash your inner baddie and book your session with me today. I promise to make it an unforgettable experience.

My Process


Reach Out!

I like to keep it simple! You can choose to either contact me via the Book Now button below, email me at, or call/text me directly at 863-303-8787 to schedule your Risque' Boudoir Photo Shoot!


We Chat

I always meet my clients face-to-face, whether that's via a zoom call, or at a local Starbucks! I want you too feel comfortable with me and what better way to start our relationship than with me buying you coffee? So, come with all those questions and let me reassure you that this will be an amazing experience!


Book & Pay

We'll discuss all the details and prep for you "big day". Your session is going to be fan-fucking-tastic, and we're going to make sure everything is in place to make it extra perfect.


Come In & Make Magic

You'll get your butt in the studio! You've paid, you've prepped, and now its time to make some really sexy magic. We're going to have a blast together creating stunning images that you'll want to show off for eternity.

Say hello.

Let's work together.


9816 Hermosillo Dr.

New Port Richey, FL



Cell: (863) 303-8787


What is boudoir photography?

Boudoir photography is a photography style that aims to feature sensual images. Boudoir photoshoots often happen in a bedroom setting, and traditionally include the subject in lingerie.

How Many Pictures Will I Receive?

Each package comes with a set number of images that you receive from your gallery. I hand-pick the best and most beautiful images for you for your gallery. After you pick your allotted number of images in your package, you do have the option to buy extras at a price of $125 per additional image.

How Long Does It Take To Receive My Images?

All of my images are individually edited and gone over with a fine-tooth comb to ensure that each image you receive is perfect. Due to this, you can expect your gallery within 7-10 days from the first day after your shoot.

Will You Use My Photos For Advertising/Marketing?

You are completely entitled to your privacy! I will not use any photos from your album for marketing or advertising unless you are willing to sign a model release stating that I have permission! I want all my clients to feel comfortable and trust me in their intimate moments.


Are There Any Restrictions?

Yes! I only photograph women over the age of 18 who have a valid driver’s license with the gender marked female.

I'm Nervous, I have never done boudoir before!

I guarantee most of my clients have never done something like this before. My job is to make you feel comfortable through the boudoir experience. When you book with me, expect to have an amazing time! It’s completely normal to be a bit nervous. I spend the whole shoot posing you in ways that will make you look your absolute best. I can answer any questions you might have before your shoot to help prepare you.

Do you include hair and makeup?

Hair and Makeup services are included in every session!

Where is your studio located?

My studio is currently In-Home located in New Port Richey, FL. However, I also offer beach location shoots!

I have to reschedule...what do I do?

You can reschedule your shoot by calling, texting, or emailing me directly. Sessions cannot be rescheduled within 7 days of their due date. Any rescheduled dates will require another deposit to hold your new date.

What should i bring with me to my photoshoot?

During the day of your photoshoot, you need to provide a valid photo ID and up to 4 different outfits of your choice. Popular choices for our clients are corsets, matching bras with panty sets, lingerie, and clothing items. If you are interested in doing a boudoir as a special gift, we recommend bringing a personal item from your special someone; like a shirt or a guitar! I love when our clients get creative!

How do i book a session?

Give me a call or shoot me a text (863-303-8787) at your earliest convenience to book your boudoir photoshoot. I also have online booking available but you can also book your session over the phone, it is the fastest and easiest way to answer your questions. During the booking process, I will collect some information regarding your age, location, and some other personal details.

How should I dress for my boudoir session?

Bra and underwear sets and different lingerie styles are the most basic outfits for a boudoir photography session. You can also wear anything that makes you feel sexy, whether it is casual or nighttime clothes. Likewise, you can get creative by combining accessories and props like robes, stockings, and boots. Reach out to me if you have any questions or need help settling on an outfit.

Can I Have The Raw Files?

I do offer full rights to the RAW images (full copyright) for a price of $10,000 for the package.

This would mean you have full rights to the photos and I would not use them in any advertising, marketing, social media, etc.

Not willing to pay the $10,000? That's totally fine! I am happy to maintain our original contract and supply you with the Fully Edited Digital images as stated in the contract.

Can I Bring A Guest?

I will be demonstrating poses during your photo session. Due to this fact, no guests including men, women, or children are allowed in the suite. Guests are allowed to wait in the lobby area of the studio. Any guests accompanying the client shall be respectful to the photographer.

Guest and/or Client cannot be foreboding or aggressive, physically or verbally. If the photographer feels in any way these terms are not being met, the photo shoot will be canceled and the deposit on file will not be refunded. Prior notice is requested for service animals to be present. No other animals, including emotional support animals, will be allowed at the photo shoot.

No children or guests under the age of 18 will be allowed to join you for legal reasons. So make sure to get a babysitter for your session if you have young children!

Where Will the Shoot Take Place?

Most of my boudoir services are within the privacy of my in-home studio. However, I do offer beach sessions!

How far in advance should i schedule my photoshoot?

It is best to schedule your session a month in advance of the desired date for your boudoir photoshoot. After you place your order, it takes up to 4 weeks to arrive at you. I also offer various expedited shipping options if there is a special occasion or date you need your sexy images by that is sooner than normal production times. The best way to avoid Rush Fees is to schedule 3-4 months before your desired date.

Do I have to wear Lingerie?

Many women prefer to wear lingerie for their photoshoots but it is not required. I recommend you wear something that you are comfortable with and that goes with your personality.

For my first boudoir shoot, I dressed up in a dragon onesie! It's all what you want!

Is the deposit refundable?

Yes and No. Your deposit goes to hold your session date. If you decide to cancel or reschedule, the deposit goes towards the loss of client time that the date you chose could have gone to someone else. You have up to 7 days before your session to receive your deposit back in the case of a cancellation. If we are in the window of 7 days from your shoot, your deposit is forfeit.

i dont see my question listed here?

Reach out to me with your questions! I want to make sure that we're all on the same page so your session can go as smoothly as possible!

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